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2014 Arcade for Sale List
Tuesday, 29 April 2014 17:43

Posting this up here in case anyone is interested in anything, I can bring to the 2014 Allentown Pinfest coming up this weekend.


  • Moon Patrol: Cab with wood grain sides (looks very decent), Original MP pcb, control panel w/good overlay, marquee in good shape, cab has 4900 monitor. Needs wiring and the rest of the cosmetics if you care. Asking $200 for everything.
  • Empty blue DK cab w/Power Brick - Asking $100. Fair condition - speaker area slightly damaged.

Misc Parts:

  • Tempest Control Panel with Willis Overlay. Spinner is there and works but knob has cracked skirt. Black buttons are there and nice and clean. No volcanos. $50
  • Metal Control panel from Ms Pac - has some holes at the edges I think. Good for conversion $10
  • SI Control Panel populated with gray sticker overlay on top original overlay (also has harness). Looks good! $30