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Vintage Computer Stuff for Sale
Sunday, 27 July 2014 23:07

Hey guys, due to limited time and space (amongst several other factors), I decided to list up a handful of vintage computing items I have for sale. I really only pulled stuff out to try to list it up for now, if there is any interest I can test further than what's mentioned on the listings.

Anyways, check out the full list: http://www.junknet.net/forsale2/vintagecomputers or just click on "Vintage Computers" under the For Sale menu above.

Also - please note that I am no longer taking on any video game or PCB repairs. If I have your PCB in for repair, it will be completed, and in some cases if I recently contacted you I will probably still get to those as well. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

As much as I love fixing them and helping people out, I just don't have the time over the summer like I thought I would.