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Rebooting Iphone 3gs - may not be an OS issue!
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 16:48

Long story short I spent the past month trying to get my iPhone 3gs back up and running again. A combination of killing the battery as well as me dropping it left me unsure exactly what the problem was. The phone would come on to the Apple logo...sit there for a while, then eventually the circular scroller thingy would start going around. While this is happening, after a few minutes the phone would be visible in itunes and for the most part would function fine - just no UI on the phone itself.

After numerous IOS re-installs, updates, and trying various apps, I finally found one tiny post somewhere that mentioned the exact same symptoms, and mentioned the problem being ribbon cable #3 inside the phone.

Sure enough, as the posting mentioned, I opened up the phone, and disconnected #3 (its under #2), and sure enough the phone booted up! Cable #3 supposedly handles the headset speaker as well as the proximity sensor. Anyhow, after some VERY careful cooercing, I got the cable back into the connector, and the phone now boots and functions 100% again! Woohoo!

I figured I'd put this out there to anyone having these symptoms - A phone that's responsive to Itunes, but only has the Apple logo and eventually reboots. Check your ribbon cables!