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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 03:19

Maaaan, so much since the last post. I guess this site has taken a somewhat back seat due to my...SELLING OUT of sorts and gaining a Facebook page. That said I still intend to keep this site alive so some cleanup was in order. You'll find a few sections, like the Madman Arcade and For Sale sections a little easier to navigate and the old content has been updated and cleaned up.

On top of that, the Madman Arcade has seen some serious modifications. I decided to dedicate the garage solely for my arcade hobby, and in doing so requires me to remove a lot of junk that accumulated in there. A new exciting addition: Tokyo Cop, which is my first sit-down driver game, and on top of that, a new universal cab to allow me to switch up some games once in a while. This also required some MAJOR reorg as space is very limited, and so far its going decently with only some minor hiccups.

Its been nice meeting some local collectors/enthusiasts lately, and I hope that I can host an awesome game night once all this madness dies down. Its a HELL of a lot more work than I ever imagined, but its coming along.

Another Update...
Monday, 09 August 2010 07:02

Yesterday (Saturday) I attended the car show at UTI in Exton, PA. I think it was their first and had a very nice showing! The shop in the school was very impressive; wish I had that amount of room to work with!!


Uploaded a bunch of pics here: UTI CAR SHOW


Next, I went to the shore today, and stopped in Cape May on the way back to pick up a BACKGLASS FOR MY SILVERBALL MANIA!! WOOOHOOO!! Can't believe I found one so close by and in such short order. The guy (KLOV member) was pretty cool and had tons of pins.

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