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Sold my Grand Prix....
Sunday, 13 March 2011 18:46

Dear Grand Prix, over the past 10 years and 2 months, you've been a great car to me. You were my first loan and first major purchase. You've gotten me and my friends anywhere and everywhere we've needed to go, during the good times and the bad, and usually we got there before everybody else :-) You've provided many many great memories over the course of 173,000 miles. I'm glad I was able to keep you from an early grave and I hope you continue to provide for your next owners, and live out your retirement years with pride. Thank you.


Yeah its February, time for an update!
Monday, 21 February 2011 17:52

Well long story short, there hasn't been much of any updates on my part because I've been focusing on life and non-hobby-related issues lately. That said, I do have some news...

Arcade: Sea Wolf joins the Madman Arcade! I recently picked up a Midway Sea Wolf game (a project) last Friday. Mostly complete but needs a few parts - we'll see how this goes. Right off the bat, the edge connector was lopped off, the bezel and monitor gel is missing, and the periscope needs almost everything kinda refurbed/tightened on it. The boardset is there so we'll see how easily it comes back to life.

I recently actually spent some time at the 'cade, just firing everything up and doing little repairs here and there. I'm hoping to spend some more time, at least one day a week catching up on it so I can start selling off some of my spare arcade crap that seems to be piling up everywhere.

Car Front: I started the GN. Thats about as far as it got.

Thats all for now, just sick of seeing the same old article and wanted to put something fresh up. Maybe another update in a few days.

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